Monomythic Films is a website dedicated to the research, study, and application of the monomyth both in our creative and personal lives. Art DOES imitate life so this is about making the most out of each so that your art and your life are awesome!

I have learned more about how story flows in my day-to-day life than any film, but it is through film that have inspired this work, or the thought process. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and you indeed can incorporate the study to becoming a better creative but also a happier person. As you learn these concepts I hope you will use them to cull your inner hero. However, it seems we are all flawed heroes here to learn the mistakes we are fundamentally making and making these changes is an often time painful transformation.

Films tell stories. We are living stories. You can feel the story flowing through you at all times. You are right now feeling or experiencing what you put into effect, you are a living, breathing example of a story in motion and I hope this site helps you connect the happily ever after.

I have personally been working on this in my own creative and personal life,  my entire life. You can read more about my own personal journey… coming soon.

This site is about understanding the two so the reader can apply the knowledge in order to help script their own careers in the industry as well as their lives. This site is about the monomyth, the idea of there being one story, or one mythos of which booms the symbols of the archetypes always swirling around us. This site is about applying these concepts through setups, scenarios, and ways to try things in your creative life and in reality. The site is about high moral principles, ethics that each and every hero learns, gravitates toward and values we all will be learning this site is about rules, laws that govern story and universal laws that govern this place.

In my opinion, you can’t have one without the other. Why master a craft if it doesn’t also enrich your life in some meaningful way.  Can we not have a say in how our life plays out or are we doomed to an endless result of unknown causes. Too often creatives lose themselves in a sea of corruption while trying to make ends meet. So I’m challenged by the notion our original spark of creativity can and should be both protected and expressed. So while we make our ends meet we are also using our creative spark for good, and just like the heros we write about,  it brings to life through acting we can also gradually be surrounded by good.

This site is about aiding the screenwriter, the storyteller by examining story structure, in-depth analysis if not obsessive exploitation of the archetype and taking themes all the way through the gambit.

This site can help the actor by first comprehending the mythology and then feeling it, acting it out. The actor is the most sensitive and influential component as they must use their entire body as an instrument to excude story. It’s as though out of the very pores of the actor storytelling springs to life. It’s the actor that can also go mad if taken off course. So go forth brave actors and use these ideals to quickly act out in your own life high morale so that you can perform your greatest role, your own life.

This website can aid the creative. The creative spirit wants to create beauty so that beautiful things return to inspire them.

A really good movie helps us relate to our lives. Personally, I study this because of this very realization. I am passionate, fascinated by the correlation between art and life and how to better reach through this study, for me a kind of kind philosophy.

Often our lives feel like a film and we wonder who is writing it. We find when we do good out lives feel like a light-hearted comedy but when we do wrong our lives feel like a horror film. Films teach us by showing us lifes universal principles playing out. The laws of cause and effect.

The are several key archetypes or symbols that appear in the mythic structure. They are:

The Hero:

The hero is a keen observer, a symbol of conscious thought, an absorber of emotions. The hero has the power to change their beliefs, to right a wrong and to seek their happily ever after. The hero suffers through the turns and twists of the story roller coaster, surviving it all but always it seems to ready to graduate to the next quest. The hero must learn and master themselves by learning these laws, these rules that govern so that malicious villains will stop destroying us.

The Villain:

The villain is a symbol of all things negative. When we do wrong, if we have an evil intention or if we need to grow a villain arrives to help the hero do this. Ironically villains are a necessary evil but to serve the hero, to prod the hero’s core values. They are merciless symbols. In real life, they should not be hated us, the inner hero, but rather give our gratitude for often being the greatest teachers. So if you really want to learn about your monomythic film the good news is that you will learn to never be tormented by villains when you understand their function and why the exsist.

The Ally:

The ally is a symbol of loyalty, and in these times we need to be reminded of its potential. ZazaThese are passionate archetypes that are here to join us, all they through a particular journey.  Their passion for your quest is symbolic of fuel, good positive energy that propels the hero through the maze. Just like in life sometimes this archetype is taken for granted. Don’t.  If you find a good ally or have the opportunity to be one it is an honor, a duty, a reasonability.

The Minion:

The minion is a servant of the villain. Their role is to carry out the demands, the decrees of their master. They are both subservient and deceptive. They are often the most colorful of archetypes because of their complex nature, as they secretly desire to hold the seat of the villain, they covet the powers of their master.

The Prince/ Princess:

Learning about this archetype means you will grow to understand what makes the hero tick. Heros will do all they can to save the potential of love and this archetype represents this incredible opportunity.  There are so many broken hearts that are worthy to be saved from despair, saved from isolation.

The Mentor:

The mentor is all about the divine connection with spirit. They have been through the very hard lessons the hero has been through.  Often times the mentor represents the writer’s current philosophy and through this character, they Express their beliefs onto the hero.