About monomythicfilms

My passion for storytelling came to life when my Dad bought me a Hitachi camera in 8th grade (1997), with a negative button! My High School friends and I would routinely meet up and use the camera to create script-table movies, short films, music videos and whatever you could at the time. This lead to a life of acting, producing/directing feature length & short films, producing commercials, teaching and creating projects. After years of doing long & short form improv with the improv troupe, "The Slightly Mad Players" the book, "The Writer's Journey" feel into my lap. I had a spiritual experience reading this. I later created a hybrid, half improv, half scripted format in which the actors and I embarked on a six year journey learning how the archetypes functioned through creating original shows and performances. This work lead to teaching actors (Blank Stage Acting Studios), managing a screenwriting group (Blank Page Screenwriting Group) creating events (Get Connected) and now to monomythic films. More than anything I want people to understand that the work on this site will help you become a stronger artist, but more importantly my purpose is to make you a wiser person, capable of seeing the magic of story all around you. E | brent.monomythicfilms@gmail.com
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