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The connections made between the archetypes each help create the matrix of story.

The story web.

As an audience we love to see how these connections will weave together. When these connections are made a spark is seen in the matrix. Key actions, passing of information help both the hero and the audience connect the dots, creating these sparks to fly.  If the characters are properly introduced these sparks can be quite intriguing and if executed with precision will illuminate the atmosphere of the movie.

When the energy exchange of these connections spark between the archetypes a tapestry of story shines bright. We love to watch how the archetypes connect, how they work to show each other what they know, what new information they have learned. Each archetype works hard, and I mean hard to make a connection between each other, they each want good to prevail. The circumstances you create to illustrate this difficulty helps build up the drama. How complicated the effort is to communicate helps create the tension, the dramatic build in your movie. When we lose our connection to something we love, it can make living life almost unbearable, so how we respond to this loss is the creative process of building character. Taking something away from the hero that the hero loves and then watching how the hero rebuilds should be inspired writing, inspired performing.  The hero learns when they have nothing but their faith, when they have lost all material possessions yet know their sense of worth is connected with their divine purpose they have then learned the truth.  Happiness lies in experiencing this faithfulness and the small rewards from this discipline.

So as a creator you must connect your hero to something they truly love doing, rip it away from them then allow your hero to figure out how to make it back as a master of two worlds.

Our work as a story creator is to illustrate just how these archetypes function between each other when faced with a problem.  How they function, how they work to connect can provide each of us with the insight needed to write honest stories or deliver incredibly raw performances. In this process you have all the freedom in the world to create original expressions of story. It’s the thrill of it all. We all want to help the audience learn about these story connections, pass on this passion for the craft to inspire others to greatness.

The exchange of connections is valuable to all the archetypes, we learn so much from these connections.  When the mentor lifts the spirits of the hero to new heights we should feel lifted and we learn how important it is to be mentored or to be a mentor.  When the villain lashes out to the minion we may feel hurt,  from this pain we can learn never to inflict hurt onto another or else suffer the same consequences. When the ally rushes to the side of the hero we should feel elated and we can reminded or learn how wonderful it can be to have true friends and to be a trusted friend.  These connections you can learn over time. You can observe your own life and apply the experiences to your story.

T) Can you recognize archetypes in your own life? How do you connect with each of them and/or how do they connect with you? Right now… think. Jot down who in your life is mentoring you… guiding you to a higher spiritual perspective and how are they connecting with you? Who is your villain, who is showing you aspects of yourself that needs the most attention and how do they work to connect with you?

When you begin to observe in your own life how the archetypes work to connect with you, you can begin the process of creating them for others.  At monomythic films our aim is to not only help you become better creators but create stories that can connect you to a kind of release from writer’s block. Connect you with the joy of creating work that you know will be constructive to humanity.

Let’s go through each archetype and try and learn how each one connects with each other. Messages from each archetype are sent, ideas are moving between us.

The Hero:

Your hero’s tragic flaw affects the hero by creating a disconnect between them and the world around them. The world to them feels ordinary.  Boring. They feel disconnected to the adventure, to the wonder of the simple truths in life. When their prince or princess is taken then a serious sense of loss,  or a deeper disconnection is experienced.  This is usually unbearable because this connection represents goodness and this virtue is something worth questing for. The journey of the hero begins as they work so very hard to reestablish their connection to love.

The Villain:

Villains lost their connection to love, to God, to source. Through a series of decisions they took their feelings of abandonment and decided to make others feel the same way. This is their revenge, they want others to experience the same pain they suffered. This selfish desire to cause pain, to hurt the hero will ultimately come back to cause more sorrow for the villain, more misery. This should be a part of the thrill ride for the writer because you have the responsibility to teach others through your writing, or acting these life principles.  The golden rule works, whether you treat others like gold or you treat others with deception it comes back.

T) On serving the golden rule, it can make an incredible impact in your creative life. Make a mental note of how you observed this in your personal life. Think of a time when you were mean and a time when you were kind. How were your actions returned to you. Do you think you will move ahead in your creative life if you are good to others or if you deceive them?

The Prince or Princess:

This archetype is connected to source but can’t rescue themselves because of the circumstances the hero has left them in. While they may be in danger they never lose faith in one day reestablishing the connection with the hero. This faith is exactly what the hero fights so hard for, their quest to reconnect. The connection the princess has with love, with faith is your own connection. You have in you something worth saving, worth protecting and this good in you is the good you should seek in others, expect to see in others.

T) think of a time when you saved someone from their own mental prison, or their own self destructing mental behavior. How hard did you work to help them see their errors of their own thinking. Alternatively think of a time when someone worked hard to save you from a negative mental process of your own making. Once the dynamic between the hero and the prince/princess is really solved the creator can rest by reimagining what needs saving and what doesn’t. It’s such a wonderful opportunity and a gift from the monomythic place.

The Minion:

The minion is looking to connect with the negative promises of the villian. Their sense of self worth is connected with the rewards the villain promises them. For the minion they will spend their entire archetypical cycle on working to obtain the kind of power, fame, position they see the villain exercising.  The carrot on the stick represents a lifetime of connecting with a dominating kind of dictatorship.  The minion wants the seat of the villain, is not really loyal to the villain yet remains connected out of fear, empty promises, blackmail, etc. The villain/minion connection is a toxic one. Writing about this, acting out these characters requires a healthy level of understanding so you don’t become to immersed. While others may villainize you, talk bad about you,  you must remain heroic. Take the hits. Allow nature to run its course and you continue to learn and grow from a lifelong pursuit of doing good for others.

T) Think of a time when you felt intimidated or maybe even coerced to do something against your better judgement for someone else’s selfish agenda. What were the circumstances? Did you carry out the order? What were the results? Advertently have you ever asked someone to do something to hurt another in what you felt was seeking a payback.

The Mentor:

The mentor is connected to the deep mechanics of life, the very mechanisms that operate in the invisible. They are following the golden rules, they have treated others right for so long they have graduated into a zen like existstance, connecting them with the flow of life. This connection results in their physical appearance being healthy,  they are rewarded with peace, security that good is indeed inevitable for all of us, and we are the makers of our own circumstances.  They have found the source of their own selfishness and have pulled out those roots or exposed them to the light. The mentor cares for the hero’s journey,  their divine purpose is to spiritually aid the hero in a way no one can. Their time in the hero’s life will help the hero become a mentor to others. The game is afoot. If you want peace you have to earn it. You earn it by providing peace for others.

T) Think of a time when you were connected to something good about life and you aided someone in your sole purpose to help them out of their toxic mess.

The Ally:

Your ally helps connect the dots in your story. In many ways it’s the ally who helps the hero connect from one area of the story map to the other. The bring the hero to key places using various modes of inventive transportation to do so. This connection fires the hero up, providing the hero with the confidence they need to face the villain. Your ally connects your audience with the spirit of the adventure of it all. We need to be reminded that through all the hard dramatic work there should be an incredible spirit of excitement, as the hero draws closer to reaching their freedom. You allies are brave, crafty and often passionate with knowledge regarding the villain. While the hero is busy with all kinds of worries the ally remains consistent, will never betray your hero. They are equipped for the adventure, prepared.

The Shapeshifters:

This archetype is connected with deception and works to ultimately teach the hero to how to truly go inward. The shapeshifter often say all the right things to the hero, lulling the hero to a place of vulnerability and when they sense they strike they go in for the kill. The hero never, ever dies but it can feel like death as they mourn the loss of what they believed to be a true connection. You see the hero was connected with the shapeshifter, before they shifted. But the hero often learns the most important lessons from this archetype on their journey. They connect with their own inner voice, their own inner sense of purpose whereas before they may have depended upon the shapeshifter to much.


T) Think of a time when you lost a connection to something you loved. Make mental notes of this experience or write them down. The emotional journey of facing your loss, accepting it, understanding to the very best of your ability why it happened will equip you with strong personal connections to whatever story or character you create.

T) Using this concept of reacting, think about how you react to your circumstances. That moment you receive good news, or bad news is that moment your audience will learn the most from. Think about some news you received recently that has an impact on you.  Think about how you reacted to it. Be as honest with yourself as possible. This accounting is your work as a living breathing artist living your own life, dealing with much the same conflict of circumstances the characters you write or the characters you bring to life will be dealing with. The more data you collect here the more storage of information you acquire and can use. It’s the craft. It’s the work. You can do it!

T) how are you connecting with your own creativity? How are you nurturing this connection? Are you making the connection easier to make or are you procrastinating this process? You must earn the right to be happy. Write down or share ways you are quietly creating the environment for your own communion with your connection to your own wonderful imagination.

There are a lot of tasks in here! I am getting excited to see how this all plays out. If you use any of this information let me know at Get Connected, Thursday Feb 7th!

ACTORS: I’d love to see what you would do with this. How you would bring these ideas to life, breathing the story.