In films it’s interesting to create patterns and in life it’s interesting to notice them, we can gleem a lot from them. These patterns can reveal much about the story, the characters and the writer. The can help set-up cause and effect for the hero, tell us what the hero has done, is doing to create his or her reality.

Patterns, to me, are a fascinating study.

We can observe the hero in their mundane world set in a series of patterns. Showing us these actions help us understand the hero . We want to understand these recurrences so we can relate to the ones occurring in our lives.

The more disciplined this script the more dramatic effect you will have when the time comes for the hero to let go of their old patterns. We all have been through these life transitions. Moving from one set of circumstances to another. The hero has to adapt to the change in scenery, the new way thoughts work in the new world and how the value system works.

These patterns established in the new world, the motion of them the hero must adapt to. While the colorful new appearances of these patterns may be foreign to them, the core principles that govern each of them are not. While things change, things also remain the same.

The wonderful lessons in all well crafted films leads the audience to these lessons. Lessons of strong family values, powerful lessons of accountability, responsibility. The hero must learn this wonderful law. No matter where you go… There you are. “There” can be the same as “where”.

The colorful journey is merely a new way to visit what seems like tried and true life lessons. We all seek good. We all want to know there is good. We all want to learn how to do good, achieve our goals without hurting others so patterns take root that generate good results. Places of security. Rest.

The Hero: the hero starts our story in what may appear as negative patterns. Your audience will feel a connection here. We all seem to have good intentions yet experience setbacks. These setbacks can be hitting our hero in the rule of three. These screenwriting patterns helps the audience relate, understand how circumstances are in patterns to teach the hero something if great value. The hero may be so stuck in their own self doubt they feel they can’t do anything about it. Enter the villain. Villains are actually worth our gratitude as they appear to dramatically aid the hero see they can do for themselves what they felt only others could do for them.

The Villain: The villain is interested only in hurting the hero. They may have insight to patterns, or in fact create them based on personality manipulation. They use fear to illustrate to those they interact with the consequences of going against their will. These tactics are fun to watch! In the end they will only help serve the hero so every villain we watch it we may have know is only here to help you, the hero, see where you need to send your healers to.

Mentors: The mentor is experiencing the joys of setting up patterns that now result in wonderful circumstances. They are secure in their world. This security is desired by the hero and the mentors duty is to pass down the knowledge of how they got there. They would love to have more knowledgeable, but good, people around them. They are their own inner fortune teller and they know the steps on how to obtain security, enjoying the expressions of it from time to time.

Allies: Our allies are living out the adventure of these patterns. They love life and love the journey the hero is about to embark on. They are excited of what the journey will teach the hero. They understand the consequences the villain has decreed, they share the reverence for the mentor, they have a love for the prince or princess. This loyalty is important. The ally teaches the hero about true loyalty.

Minions: Minions are like pattern keepers. They teeter from making choices that lead to good, but always choose the materialistic promises of the villain.  We have to see, or experience this superficial pattern. They drive the hero mad, but they don’t understand the consequences of their own decisions. Minions are heros in waiting but have given up on the pursuit of strong moral values. They wait for the villains promises to come to fruition.

Shapeshifters: shapeshifters represent a paradoxical pattern. It’s the confusion of saying one thing yet doing another. Ultimately this pattern trains the hero to watch or study behavior, or the actions of others, not what they say.  They gain the trust of the hero but once they see the hero is vulnerable they shift, turn on the loyalties of the hero seeking their personal materialistic promises of the villian. This happens to the hero to help the hero understand how the rules of the universe work. In some way the hero lacks discipline and this pattern has a stopping place. This betrayal hurts but ultimately corrects the hero. They learn that hate is just an illusion, for hate is not permanent, it does not last. The hero forgives, matures and in many ways the energy of the shapeshifter shows the nature of choice.

Prince/ Princess: The love the prince/ princess represents is the reason why the hero decides to embark on their journey. In many ways it is the core of the golden pattern. There are endless rewards for the hero as they mature, as their intentions are pure. A stronger body, a clearer mind, a loving family are all results of a hero saving their prince/ princess as they themselves embody true love, true happiness, true security. This Golden Pattern is sustainable, it takes discipline. When the hero lacks discipline the prince/ princess energy is affected first. The hero sifts on themselves, they want a result so bad they justify criminal activity. Here it takes the most discipline. What the hero seeks to save, seeks to journey for is the battle the hero can choose. This can indeed create this beautiful pattern. For example, family is a wonderful pattern. To place your family in the sights of your journey in order to spend time with them, imagine a better tomorrow by teaching your sons and daughters to the best you know how.

I hope this post on patterns helps your writing. I believe we are all in patterns, creating new ones and learning from those we would rather not be experiencing. Life is ever moving us towards more life, more expression of life’s rules. The writers can use pattern to help them view their script through this lens. Thinking about the pattern work of each archetype. What pattern work each archetype is focused on, if experiencing. We can also use this process to examine our own patterns. Perhaps this would make a good writer’s exercise. Understanding the patterns happening in your own life may give you well deserved insight.

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