We love structure in films.

When we watch a film we are watching how the creative team structures the creative elements into storytelling patterns. These rules create patterns which becomes the structure. How a film looks, how it feels is a result of how much work the creators have gone to generate proper structure.  This alone is quite the achievement for any creative team. But when this happens we learn how the monomythic structure operates.  How these patterns, how these rules all work together to give us a full story. When all these elements are operating cohesively your audience will thoroughly enjoy your creative work.

Creating structural patterns in your film amidst all the other creative elements is ever challenging.  You have to really concentrate on these structural forms, stay disciplined. There are so many unique distractions that can derail you from building a wonderful foundation for your work.  However there is tremendous evidence that working from a disciplined position of structure your ability to see a project through dramatically increases. In fact many creatives learn that approaching the task of creating a collaborative film requires cohesive leadership, and often you are that leader. Your team will appreciate your diligence, your discipline to structuring the process all the way through the project.

Everything flows to serve you ~

The great mechanics of story are here to help you understand that your own life as an unfolding experience and what you do today affects what happens tomorrow.  How you treat others today is how you will be treated tomorrow.  The monomythic structure is one way to illustrate how this operates.  How characters create their own existence through their own actions and what the results are from their decisions sets a story into motion.

The Villain:

The writer can count on the villain archetype to help create the spark of story structure. The villain’s emotional state of mind fires off the story by signaling the first shot of change for the hero. The result of the villain’s rage stems from the hero’s growth cycle. Structure then takes clear from in your story. Your villain operates, builds their empire to work to expose, overthrow the area where your hero is needing most growth. You will see the villain recruiting minions into their army. You will see the villain kidnap the prince or princess away from the hero. You will see the villain rise in power, rise in fame and fortune. Looking at your film’s structure from the perspective of the villain, what the villain does is a great way to outline your film’s structure. You can imagine the villain operating sometimes clearer then you can the hero. It’s sometimes easier to envision what your villain will do based on the emotional state of the villain.

The Hero:

The heroic structure should inspire faith in all creatives. Structure itself, if thought of as dependable energetic tool, braces you for a positive ending. The hero always begins in his or her ordinary world, receives their call to adventure, ventures to new experiences and daws closer to the villain. The monomythic structure is affecting your hero. IN other words your hero is coping, dealing, reacting to all the circumstances that are happening. The hero must work hard to understand, why these things are happening and learn from each of them. From the writer, to the actor to all in between everyone on your collaboration should understand this principle so that all creative elements help tell this story. So while the villain throws circumstance towards the the hero, the hero feels the pain of each one then works to finally understand that the hero in many ways created the villain in order to evolve.

The Minion:

The minion should come into the structure to help you, and help your audience understand the consequences of the hero’s actions. They are like noise. They chatter, gossip about the structure. The weight of this noise often buries the hero, causing a death of sorts.  They are colorful elements that will equip your story with strategic elements to flush out, to reveal, to illustrate the way the world is in your story. Minions serve the villain, the are structured this way.

The Ally:

The ally brings the structure to life. They stand as conduits of the adventurous nature of structures movement.  Structure moves. It builds. It grows and expresses its symmetric nature.  The ally represents action for the hero. The hero must take action. They must move forward, towards facing the truth. The ally knows that when the hero finally does it will never be as bad as originally feared. The ally should help the hero face the fears of the moving structure. Imagine a rollercoaster.  The hero is terrified of the ride. The ally will sit right next to the hero, ready to experience the rush of the journey.

The Shapeshifter:

Shapeshifters help define the bends and curves within the structure.  If the hero is depending upon an old belief pattern the rug sorta speak comes from underneath the feet of the hero. What they counted on, usually stemming from believing in a half truth, betrays them. This betrayal ultimately proves to the hero they were the power and the peace of pure truth, not half truths. This is incredible proof of story structure.  Your hero must go through incredible trials and tribulations in order to truly connect with the audience. Your audience also suffers/ enjoys the same monomythic structure your hero moves through.  It’s fun when the audience flails their arms in disbelief when the turn of the shapeshifter occurs. These characters usually serve the villain and have been seduced by the dark side, but again, will prove to the hero the way of good. Once locked into this good pattern the hero will graduate within to a more peaceful existence.

The Mentor:

The mentor teaches the monomythic structure to the hero. The mentor is like your monomythic architect.  They deeply understand the nature of the structure,  how, if the hero maintains their integrity will see how this will reward the hero with absolute freedom from enduring negative emotions from the journey.  The mentor cares only for the hero to understand universal laws that prove the existence of structure itself. They want the hero to also find out about these rules, to abide by them so that they can fulfill their own purpose in life. The hero and the mentor from a bond as the hero begins to grasp the mentors teachings. A trust of philosophical principles are forged as the hero sees how their own choices, or their own arrogance perhaps caused the pain or the confusion within the journey.  This bond should forever be remembered by the hero as the hero will then become a new mentor in their modern time. The human emotional experience, from the mentor’s perspective, should be rooted in the universal rhythms of the monomythic structure.  They feel more love because they love the structure,  the love the universal laws as the laws are constantly proving themselves.

The Prince/ Princess:

The prince fuels the structure with purpose. The stealing of the prince triggers the hero into action, this emotion fuels the structure. The protective nature of the hero that makes the hero heroic, or of high integrity will pull the hero through the journey.  This is valuable source core monomythic structure. A strong heroic cause will result in a dramatic story that will entertain or educate your audience into a life lesson. Your prince should be of pure mind and heart.

Task) What energy in your life would you consider if stolen would trigger you into action? A battle worth fighting.

Now the hero has to endure the results of his or her actions or non actions. The effect of all causes that the hero will learn to place into motion will be love. Love itself is the result of your structure when love is put into causation.

Task) Think of a few if your favorite films. How has the collaborative team work together to illustrate the beauty of structure?

Task) How is structure revealing itself in your own life? How are the thoughts you put into causation effecting you today? How might you change your thinking so that you can experience deeper, compassionate relationships with your own integrity.

Task) Actors, it’s your job to bring this all to life through your own interpretations. How would you bring monomythic structure into action on screen through your performances?

The hero’s goal is to seek value. To go forth and discover truth, speak truth so truth’s true beauty can be experienced. To become harmless so no harm will be done upon them.

The gradual revolt against stupidity is coming. The smog is lifting. A sincerity is replacing fear.