The success themed film.

The lessons learned from a hero’s pursuit of learning what true success represents.

In this blog I will attempt to help the narrative creator understand the mechanics of the success themed film as well as try and help the individual understand their own relationship to success. To many times we work on a project but neglect our own relationship to it. The adventure lies in experiencing the rewards of the message itself. This emotional experience is fuel for the artist.

In my personal and my business life I have achieved great success and suffered great loss. The emotions associated with the rollercoaster words can’t really do justice. This is why when go see a film I want the creative team to connect with the truth of this theme. When I feel the hero of the film I watch deals with the emotions of having success then losing success honestly, realistically then I will learn a lot from watching the film as I will relate. I can have a cathartic experience which can aid my development here. I will connect. However, if any element of the film fails in its attempt to be real it loses my attention.  A weak performance, writing that feels forced, editing that misses the flow, something in the shot that takes away the believability are a few of the causes.

T) Write down what you believe success is. What you feel it means to you. Jot down what you believe success looks like.  To help you, imagine something happening in your career that would lift your spirits. Having a good understanding of what success means to you will help you with this blog and help you know how to create honest stories about success.

For the film to have a chance for success the creative team must be united under a clear vision. This is the ultimate collaborative process. The main creator must convey the truth of the success story to each member of the creative team. If the core team rallies behind the message and produces inspired work then you have the makings of a wonderful creative process. We have seen many films that achieve this kind of success. Beautiful films with an inspired message that leave us all motivated to make the world a better place. This is what I want for each us. To become amazing creators yes, but to have purpose in those creations so when the stand alone, when we abandon the art it, by itself, can generate endless good in the nature of the story itself.

T) Can you think of a time when you left a creative space, a artistic endeavor knowing you did all that you could to create good work? Can you write down a story in your own life where you left everything on the table? Write down names or places or works of art where you felt you left it all, you worked you best in the name of good will towards all and felt good about it.

The relationship we each personally experience with success will help us relate to our audience. The grind to become successful,  the struggle to gain a foothold in your career, the stress of maintaining success, then dealing with negativity… you can relate?

And I know we all experience this. But why? Why is life such a struggle? Why do we need even a story to help us understand these principalities?

Life can be a story. The very cells in our body are seeking success. They strive to survive, to thrive. We must do all we can to nurture this process. To mentor ourselves. To care for the way life changes.

Success is inevitable for each of us. Weather we like it or not everything is being corrected.  All things are sorting out for the best. Life itself desires to be expressed in deeper, richer ways and we are no different.  We are all constantly evolving,  moving forward.

The monomythic structure helps us understand this process. When we watch a good film we begin to have faith in the way it’s being presented.  We connect with the hero’s journey. We root for the success of the hero.

Success is something we all experience.  We all want to wake up each day feeling secure. The story of success lies not in the material possessions, not in the fame and fortune of ego but in the knowing that all things are here to guide us. All things are here to serve our purpose, so all things have purpose.  Story itself is ever working, flowing to bring you to new heights.

I hope in you reading this it unlocks your own awareness.  If you take away a piece of this and it helps spark a story, or helps you with your own life I have served my own purpose and will experience success.

The Hero:

The hero’s desire for success is strong, their idea of what success looks like is weak. When writing your film based on a hero’s relationship with success you will want to equip your hero with a false sense of what success really is. The inner zen garden of the happiness tree is not taking root.  No matter how many mentors come out and help us understand what success really is most of us pursue material success. We believe success equates to more and more possessions. The hero must learn that true success is based on virtue of character. The monomythic journey for the hero is a false belief of what success is, the consequences of this belief, the awareness of the why the belief took root and the business of changing their beliefs. So think about what success means to you. Process this. You are the hero. The creative must be humanity’s proof of this, we must be the ones to teach our audience that success is not an ongoing war with our bank account but a profound awareness that if we pursue virtue then all our needs are divinely satisfied.  It takes grinding work. The world has improperly trained us. It’s now up to us to correct this corruption of worldly education.  So write, act, produce, direct, edit, create the visual energy of this and guide your audience to become more virtuous. It’s the creative’s unspoken duty.

The Villain:

The villain exist to ultimately destroy any and all false beliefs the hero possesses about success. They are skilled at disorienting, perverting, corrupting the hero towards the belief that success equates to the collection of worldly possessions.  In many ways the hero is to blame for entertaining the beliefs the villain has committed to but because the hero has core ethics they go through the painful process of shedding their false beliefs and confronting the villain head on. Your villain will create structure, help you setup opportunities to slowly correct  the hero’s judgments. The villain’s journey starts with a firm grip of the false beliefs of success. They are experiencing the accumulation of material possessions, they are addicted to gaining more, they are manipulating their minions, placing their shapeshifters and setting the trap for the hero.

The Mentor:

The mentor tends, toils, nurtures their own inner success tree. They have learned over numerous experiences what true success is and what it’s not. Their inner happiness tree glows with brilliant colors, light streaks and incredible tones. The mentor deserves this kind of inner glow, they have earned it. Success is really a real positive communion with life itself, a faith in tomorrow based on the good efforts of today. The quiet discipline of the mentor is the true secret to their success. They train daily, they grind against the temptations like a dutiful gardener warding off weeds. Success for the hero is inevitable and the mentor helps illustrate this law.

The Minion:

If the villain is the poison that will kill the success tree of the hero the minions are the weeds that cloud the garden. These weeds hide the villain making it easier for the villain to strike. During the journey the hero may ignore the minion which allows the weeds to multiply.  The minions work under the direction of the villain to suffocate the hero’s roots. They undermine the success of the hero, perpetuate false rumors in an effort to destroy the reputation of the hero, accentuate prejudices.  The noise the minions make works to bend the success of the hero, they scream, flail at the fact ther hero is experiencing real success.

The Ally:

The ally represents the adventure of true success. They sit right next to the hero on the rollercoaster. While th ally can’t speak to the hero’s heart quite like the mentor can, nor provide a deep sense of love the ally feels success when the hero does. When both the hero and the ally trust the integrities of life true adventure towards good is fully experienced. The ally equips the hero with quite handy tools, maps that will guide our hero from one place to the next.

The Shapeshifter:

Often times it’s hard for the hero to discern if the growing life in their garden is a weed or a root, a friend or a foe. Often times a wolf is disguised as a sheep and when the time is right they reveal to the villain the perfect time to strike.

The Prince/ Princess:

For the hero the prince archetype symbolizes true success.  The hero has an imbalance, perhaps a sway towards materialism and because of this they make a mistake. This results in the stealing of the treasure found within this archetype that the hero may have not been aware of. Once the hero suffers enough they have the opportunity to earn back what was stolen.  The hero must balance the art of success by understanding what success truly is.

Success is inevitable.  Nature itself is seeking success. Success for a tree means deep roots, strong trunk, exceptional flowers and the protection of the garden itself. Success is not the addiction to any aspect of their tree. Success is not an addiction to the destruction of others for the quick success.

Success for the creative is ultimately a finding of the creative that leads others to being more creative, being supportive, being closer to the higher values that govern the successful nature of the spiritual world. So that we know the actions we do today, affect the good we experience today. It’s a motivation to see good in things, to believe in the ultimate rightness in things.

Success is inevitable for each of us.  It will continue to grow and work until it flows through you and onto world around you.  The hero archetype is good, it’s a journey to learn something new about the good. It’s a knowing.