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We sat down with Lilian Brooks who is in the midst middle of creating her very first workshop event for the Film & Television Industry, United Women of the Arts, or UWA. UWA is soon to become a resource for all women looking to connect in the industry. I believe it’s time for more women to go for more key positions in the industry, so Lili you have my full support here!  Lilian has amassed quite a list of hard working professional alliances over the years helping her husband Brent Brooks (Monomythic FilmsBlank Stage, Get Connected,) and her dear friend Autumn Bailey (Get Connected). 2019 looks to be an awesome year for UWA to emerge as a place for women to come together, share stories and connect in a positive atmosphere.

Why did you create United Women of the arts?

I created United Women of the arts because I believe in the potential all women have, specially when they work together. Women are capable of creating unique, beautiful and outstanding products by using the tools the arts give them. So through UWA I hope to help women from the different outlets bond and make new things.

I agree! I believe there needs to more women in positions of “power” as they say in the industry. Tell us about how you plan to use your events and future workshops to better from these bonds..

My goal is to get these women connected and working together to create new projects, whether is a a film, a tv show, a play, or a musical that can showcase the strengths of each. Something that will showcase how strong women are. Most importantly I want women to take time to get to know others, learn about their life experiences and from there form good, trusting friendships and working environments where they look after one another.

Yes. I believe women can really make an impact. So many have already lead the way. Proven it can be done. I believe it can lead to a kinder industry if more women are in power positions, or create these positions for themselves. You ladies have my full support. Men seem to lean towards a “dominating” of the competition, tricking one another each other along the way. However good men are best with singular focus combined with a positive value system. How do you think women in a broad scope will differ from men in this regard?

In my experience, and the women I have worked with, no matter how small or big task you give a woman, she will deliver. She will go the extra mile and she will make that one task her masterpiece. Don’t get me wrong men can do the same, and I know a few who do the same. However the majority is looking for their ego to be praised. For most women, myself included is about the amount of lives been affected in a positive way. About seeing them succeed and about making a difference. All these are accomplished because of the *mother instinct* women posses (even if they’re not one yet). Is all about protection and values.

Why are you doing this now?

For a long time I was scared of not being ready, not knowing enough, not having the credibility or following to accomplish it. It took a series of misfortunate events to give me the final push to take a chance and do it.

Also being a Hispanic woman makes things harder. We are not seen with respect, a lot of people consider we belong in cleaning jobs, or nanny jobs. They think that’s all we can accomplish. However there’s some people who choose to see the best version of yourself and encourage you to become leaders. So I am choosing to listen to them, to make one of my dreams come true. Helping other women make their dreams come true is what drives me. Because together we can do so much more.

What’s your plans for 2019

My goal is to connect with other leader women that have made an impact in the different outlets UWA covers (Dance, Music, Theater, Fashion, TV & Film10am, singing, modeling, more…) so that we can create projects empowering each other. I’m looking to have at least 3-4 UWA’s meetings in 2019, bringing opportunities for education and networking.

I understand you have some exciting sponsors to your event. Can you tell us about them?

Yes. Through the years I’ve made industry connections that like me love the idea of collaborating to rise together. I’d like for the readers to take a look at the list of them below. Please go to their social media and follow them, and don’t be afraid to contact them for their services.

Indie Film Loop

Second Act Movie (Allied Global Marketing)

Monomythic Film Training

Dana Rice Music

Pie Pixel Studios

Women Do Everything

Power Solutions