First off…


I’ve really missed you.

I have missed using words to attempt to express myself. I have used graphics to express myself. I have used acting as an incredible form of expressing myself. I have used filmmaking, live events and photography to express myself… But it’s words that pulls me. It’s the rawness of them. It’s my challenge to attempt to use these words to express my truth. I seek to learn how to use words to only express truth. An exploration into universal truths. I hope I use them only to unlock life’s mysteries.

There is great challenges here.

Note: The word “me” can also mean “you”. The word “my” can also mean “your”. This way you may be able to apply a deeper meaning here.


My villians may read these words seeking only hypocrisy. They will be quick to mock them. Find errors. Laugh at them. They will twist my words, tell others I’m using my words to hurt or trick others. They seek only an evil “competitive edge”.  They may call me a crazy person, a lunatic, manic… Or imply much worse. These are very hurtful words. The use this energy to intimidate their minions who they hide behind, pulling their strings.  Enough to destroy a career. IF you are reading this, and you are working to destroy I IMPLORE you to STOP. Not for me, but for you. I DO believe the world can become less and less villainous. I DESIRE this for my son, for my family, so that when I see you are at the grocery store I can look at you with pride.


My villainous minions may begin their chatter. Endless gossip. These loops seem to endlessly create new ways to destroy. Incredible amounts of time is wasted on a false hope.  Always tipping off their villain to new ways to attack. Secretly hoping they can be as evil as the villains they serve.


My allies may read these words with a great sense of adventure. They may understand a brand new adventure await for us. They can’t wait to get started. They all have been begging me to get on board and venture forward with no fear. I can’t wait to begin. I believe the world can become MORE adventurous. We CAN be allies to each other. We HAVE to learn be good, to be true and say what we mean. If we say we are going to do something, we do it.


Mentors have been here before. They have endured this. My mentors may read these words with a great sense of compassion. Guiding my words so they may enter into a great divine, spiritual meaning. Using my fingers to type words that will cause my life towards only positive effects. They want to see me happy, they desire to see my soul lifted.


My princes and princess out there may find my words heroic. They may relate to them and find hope. They may understand in some intrinsic way what I’m going through, what I’m dealing with relates to them. These very words may unlock their invisible prisons, empowering them to rise up and face their own fears.


My shapeshifters out there may be excited to see there is a new game to play. They may shift towards me or twist away depending on what serves them most. They use “friendship” as a trick, endlessly flopping.


My heroes out there may read these words and lift me up. Rescue me from the abyss. Demand justice.

Lost Meaning…

In many ways words have lost their meaning. I can’t tell you how many times people have given me their word. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken their words to the bank. I’m embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve looked at my bank account and my head drops in shame. I assumed they valued words the same as I, the same as I try and teach others and the same I will teach my son. Do what you say, say what you mean.

Words and the person speaking them will either weaken or strengthen them.

Some go to church every Sunday yet they learn and apply nothing when faced with opportunities to express real virtue. This weakens them or may torment them. They hide for a few hours.

Some go to church every Sunday as a mission. They fuel up. They use the day to rest so they can then go through the week fighting, living for the way things should be, can be or maybe are. Standing up for virtue, maybe making mistakes but always moving towards a more divine existence.

The monomythic films are always playing. They are always running. Your projectionst never rests. Your life is living, breathing movie.

At times it feels you are moving from one genre to the next. You feel as though you are in a horror film. Terrified of an unknown villain. Other times it feels you are in a beautiful Hallmark movie where the villain is light and easy.

I believe we are one. We are all living the monomyth. We are all battling incredibly hard. We are all reaching new heights.

I see my son as my incredible opportunity to pass down the very best of me. I can sever the family curses. I can count on my wife and her family for true love, true compassion. I can count on my Mom for incredible acceptance and guidance. I can count on my aunt as my last connection with my own late Father who taught me a kind of zeal for life and a passion for motivation. I can count on my son as my greatest mentor, a true source of goodness.

In other words… You too have your own family. You have your own Monomythic Film. You are your own hero. You have your own born challenges, advantages. I want to see you live! I want to celebrate with you.

These tools are yours. Work with your projectionst. Watch old movies of your life. Edit your movies. Move into 5D!!!

WORDS are NOT action –

Don’t be fooled. Words are great but they can’t take the place of action. You can’t talk all day about all the things someone else is doing wrong, yet take zero steps towards improving your wrongs. This will fool you. You can’t waste another word on telling others that you are going to do something great with your life, only to never take action. People will lose faith in your words. Words CAN create the platform for action. You can really practice with this. Take BABY steps. If you want to go to the store, say I’m going to the store and go to the store. NEVER tell someone you are “a person of your word” then do the opposite thing those words create.